21 Weeks

Well I thought I would post a pic of my ever growing belly (and rest of me really). Baby Wall definitely enjoys Shipley’s. Alex and I are both constantly shocked at how round my belly is getting every week. Alex has felt the baby move a few times now, and he/she is moving all the time just for me to feel.

Kicking and Growing

Baby Wall has starting kicking! Well, he/she has been kicking for a while, but I just starting feeling it. I felt the first movement at 19 weeks, but was not sure if that was REALLY it. Confirmed this past week as the feelings are getting stronger and Alex even felt the baby kick. He/she really likes to be active between 11 pm – 12 am…I feel that does not bode well for us in the future.

16 Weeks

We had our 16 week appoitment on July 17th and Alex got to see the baby move around, wave his/her little hand at us and then settle down with his/her fists over his/her ears. We still don’t know what we are having, and hope to not find out!