What’s in a name?

Baby Wall is 35 weeks along today, and we had another ultrasound. He/she was weighing in at 5 and a half pounds and still charting along to arrive on the 27th. My doctor has the faux due date of January 1, but that is just not happening. I repeat, not happening. Alex thinks that Baby Wall would come between the 25-29 and I don’t really support that plan either. I would enjoy a December 20th due date. Early enough that it will not interfere with Christmas, but still late enough to give plenty of time for Baby Wall to cook. I realize I have no control over any of this, which more than likely makes me want to exert MORE control.

Either way, Baby Wall is going to be here before we know it, and we figured it was time to finalize and announce the names. We have had the boy name for a while but the girl’s name was harder to pick. Below are the finals (and no we do not want opinions/suggestions):

Zachary Wall

Caroline Wall

Here is a very blurry picture of Zachary/Caroline’s face. He/she is laying on his/her left side, so the bright spot in the center is the nose. Yes, I realize it is a terrible picture…and it was the best of the 3 that were taken. Really it just looks like a bunch of fuzz, enjoy.


Last night was Halloween and Alex and I dressed up as Steven Segal and a pregnant angel, respectively. Of course any costume I had would have ‘pregnant’ attached to it. Today we picked up the dresser/changing table for Baby Wall’s room. Alex and Dave were very happy to discover it arrived fully put together…unlike the crib which is waiting for Grandaddy Wayne to come and put it together with Alex. Below are pictures of the baby’s room and Halloween. Only 8 more weeks until Baby Wall’s due date!

Dresser/changing table

Area of room where the glider will go, currently holding the terrifying (per Norman) swing

Alex, Kinsey and Andy (aka Richie Tennenbaum)

32 Weeks pregnant