4 Weeks and Counting

Zach turned a month old this week! Each day he is doing more and more, his eyes are more alert and follow the sound of my voice, he is grabbing everything that he touches and still kicks his little legs all about. We joined Alex at lunch at a cajun resturant where Zach fell fast asleep to some very loud cajun music and took a few long walks with Norman.

Loving on Mommy
Watching his sheep mobile that was his mommy’s in his outfit that looks like he should be retiring to Florida right about now.

Our little swaddled taco and his daddy –
before he peed through his diaper, clothes and swaddle onto the comforter.

One thought on “4 Weeks and Counting

  1. I love the “Mary Had a Little Lamb” mobile. Looks like Zach is enjoying it, too. Who could imagine it is 31 years old? (and Kinsey and Lauren claim I throw out “everything”!).

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