Growing Boy

Zach had his two month appointment this week and the doctor deemed him “perfect” – seriously, her words not mine. He weighs 11.2 lbs and is now 22 and 3/4 inches long. He is in the 50% percentile for weight, length and head size (that last one is still a shock to me). He got his vaccinations which made him scream and turn a color of red I have never seen, but then knocked him out for a nice long nap. No other side effects luckily.

Zach is still smiling and cooing more and more every day. He has started to try to grab at things, though with little success unless helped. He kicks his legs in a bicycle motion which my book says is right on track. He really is a happy little boy and his smiles just make my day.

A Long Week

Is it finally Friday? This week has seemed very looong for me. I have been busy almost every today with appointments, walking in the park with friends, playgroup and lunches. All are fun, but combined with little sleep I am beat! Luckily Alex called in reinforcements for me and this morning Vince came to play with Zach so I could do some errands. It was heaven to be able to go to Office Max by myself. Thanks again Vince!!

Little Fan

One of my friends commented that Zach seems to have a lot of sports team outfits – I could not agree more. So far he has two Texans onesies, numerous UT outfits, a U of New Mexico onesie, a Kansas Jayhawk outfit, a Switzerland soccer jersey and this St. Louis Cardinals onesie. For a girl who knows nothing about sports (and cares even less) that is quite a lot for her son. But he does look darling in them all! Go team!

My Papa

My Papa stopped by today to meet his newest Great-Grandson, his 5th great-grandchild. Zach could not have been LESS animated! I tried to tell him and Uncle Joel that usually Zach is moving and cooing and kicking – not sure they believed me. The only thing Zachary did do was toot, lots and lots of tooting.
PS Zach is holding Papa’s finger in the picture. He was showing off his grip at least.

Bad, bad blogger

OK so yes, I am a bad blogger, the type of blogger I personally hate. I hate it when I love to read a blog and it is not updated in a timely manner. So I am sorry about that. I think the problem is that while I find everything Zach does highly fascinating and wonderful, I doubt that others really do as well. Apparently I am highly mistaken – per his Auntie, Grandparents and Great-Grandparents. So I will try to be better and now that I have a video camera will be posting videos of my precious pumpkin.

Zach has really started moving a lot more each day. He kicks his feet and waves his arms. He tries to reach for things above him and to his sides. His eyes still cross every once in a while when he tries to focus – a totally normal thing that I find totally adorable. I know next weekend his Grandaddy will take some good video of all his movements.

Zach celebrated his first Valentine’s Day in his snazzy pink and blue outfit. Alex tried to claim it was for girls but I bought it in the boys section. In the pants he does look a bit like he should be checking into a retirement center in Florida…but I love the look anyway. I tried to make him hold a red heart ring (don’t tell Alex) but while he can grasp things, he does not like to hold on for very long.

The shirt in the below pic and the intro one was mine when I was a baby. Technically it is for a 3 month old, but I am about 6 weeks in my photos wearing it, and I think Zach – or his belly at least – has outgrown it at 8.

I discovered that Zach (like most babies apparently) loves to be outside. So the other day I put him in the atrium at our house. I thought it was the perfect place for him! No dogs, no birds and no direct sunlight. It only lasted a few minutes, but he really was loving it for a little while.

And finally, Alex’s friend Scott brought over his son, Tyler to visit this weekend. Tyler is just a month younger than Zach. Alex and Scott grew up together and it is fun to see their sons together too. Tyler is still a “real” newborn, with a tiny baby cry and not moving too much. Zach seems so big and so active next to him.

Fussy Pants

Can you believe Zach is 6 weeks old today?? As I type this I notice it is 3:40, the exact time of his birth – how our lives have changed in 6 short weeks. He, of course, is changing every day. He has put himself on somewhat of a routine now, with 2 long naps during the afternoon and one short one. He is still only sleeping 2.5 hours at night, but he is still like clockwork with that and goes right back to sleep after eating. Mornings are all about active awake time. He is cooing and gurgling, smiling and tooting. Lots and lots of tooting. He still does not smile “on cue” but I still think he is smiling at me. We went to Hermann park with our friends Tracy and Wyatt and both boys enjoyed being outside and us moms enjoyed getting some exercise. We also went to two Super Bowl parties, and Zach slept through one and ate through the 2nd. As expected our little Wall is a busy, busy boy.

Alex says he looks like a little Wall in this picture

No, he is not watching TV – just the lights in the kitchen
How I catch just a few more minutes of sleep in the morning

Big smile for Mommy!!