Crying It Out

Anyone that has talked to me recently will have heard about my quest to get Zach to sleep more at night. Getting up twice is just a beating for the mom. Better than every 2 hours like when he was a newbie, but still a beating. For about 3 weeks now we have been letting him “cry it out”. I swaddle him, rock him a bit, tell him he will not miss anything while he is sleeping, and then put him in his crib. It has worked wonders, he naps longer and only gets up once during the night to eat. With the next baby we are doing it much, much sooner.

Anyway, in the beginning the crying was piercing, you really thought he was being pinched and was going to hate me forever. He would wail his little lungs out for 10 minutes then pass out. This week though, he started this tiny meowing sort of crying. It is so sweet and pitiful all at once. He is watching his aquarium which makes the sound of a fish tank and has little fish that “swim” to the side. He loves it. He makes those noises and then just falls asleep like a little angel. The hiccups he had in the video were not helping matters today, but in 10 minutes he was fast asleep.

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