Couch Potato

In the baby books that I read semi-constantly it says that at this age (3.5 months) my baby should be able to sit up supported on pillows for a period of time. What these books do not know is that Alex has been propping Zach up for a while now, really just to make us laugh. He looks like such a little man “sitting”.
This weekend he got to do more sitting on the couch with his friend Chris and his dad. He even used his arm rest.

It is hard to capture a good picture of him now as he always moving his arms, legs and head. Just to prove he can it seems.

2 thoughts on “Couch Potato

  1. So sweet. He definitely favors Alex but I also see you too…maybe it’s the eyes…That’s a great photo posted up between Owie and Alex. Before you know it he’s going to be fighting for the remote.

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