I am that person

Prior to becoming a parent there are many things that I would NEVER do: let my child run about in his diaper no clothes, email instead of spending time with him, pop a pacifer in his mouth to get him to stop crying – you get the gist. And I said I was not going to be one of those parents who insits on taking pictures in the bluebonnets. Me, stopping on the side of the road to force my children to take pictures with some dirty flowers? NEVER! Apparently that is only true now if the word ‘never’ means ‘every year the second I see bluebonnets’.
Driving up to Denton I pulled over at a rest stop and laid my child out in the grass in an attempt to get a darling picture in the flowers. It did not work too well and I had to try to not be dissapointed. Ahhh a baby really does change everything.

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