Praying to the Gods of Rice Cereal

All the parenting books that I read (and there are quite a few let me tell you), claim that feeding your child solid food will not make them sleep through the night. But any mom you ask will contradict that and tell you they believe it does in fact make your child sleep thru. I have decided that the books surely are lying and the moms have to be correct.
Zach is now 4 months old and still getting up at least once during the night, and it is killing me! The Super Baby Foods book I am reading says that once your baby turns 4 months old they can have Rice Cereal – but you should discuss with your pediatrician first. I don’t see his pedi for two more weeks and my sanity can not take it. One of my friends saw her pedi last week and he said that since her daughter is already sleeping through the night she does not need to start solids….this advice would lead me to believe that since my child is not sleeping thru that I can start solids. Make sense? Maybe just to me as I want to believe that it will help.
So Sunday night Alex and I gave Zach his first taste of rice cereal mixed with milk. He really didn’t protest too much, but was not 100% sure this was something he wanted in his mouth. Who can really blame him? The milk does make it a bit sweeter, but it is just flakes of “rice” with milk. Not too appetizing. I can’t be sure how much he actually ate, but he didn’t start to scream or spit it back out at us. Since then I have upped him to 2 tablespoons of cereal with milk once a day. Fingers crossed this will work and I can finally get some sleep. I can’t even think about the ‘if not’ part of that sentence.
And on another note, please disregard the marital drama of Alex not turning on the video recorder to catch Zach’s first bite. No matter that I got the camera out, powered it up and all he had to do was push the Record button. He calmed me down by saying that we would FOR SURE catch Zach’s first bite of actual food (rather that just the runny rice cereal) on camera. He knows how to handle me to say the least.

2 thoughts on “Praying to the Gods of Rice Cereal

  1. Hey Kinsey!!
    Best of luck for more hours of sleep!
    Not to burst the bubble…rice cereal did not make my twins sleep longer and we finally “cut them off” of middle of the night feeds at 9 months. It was a painful first night but by the 3rd night all was well. LOVE to see you guys soon!!

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