Zach has recently started trying to roll over. He first would just kick his legs into the air but now he kicks them and falls to one side. He is not really all that into it, and some days he has no use for being on the floor and would much rather be sitting in his bumbo. I did catch a few attempts at his roll- and I was sure he was going to do it fully, but alas, no luck. He gets caught on that arm underneath. His buddy Wyatt does the same thing, but Wyatt has figured out how to roll onto his arm and keep going. Not my little smarty, he just gets stuck and stays there.

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I knew the second I put it out there that he was sleeping through the night it would come back to bite me – and hard. Yep, the past two nights he has awoken screaming bloody murder for food. I think he is just going through a growth spurt, which should pass, but the pitch of his screams are nothing you can ignore. Trust me, I have tried. They even woke up Alex who never wakes up for anything. Now I see why he gets kicked out of the YMCA daycare. Who could listen to that??

Smells like a Catholic

Sunday the 17th we had Zach baptised into the Catholic church at the church near our house, St. Vincent de Paul. He wore the gown both my sister and I wore when we were christened in the Episcopalian church and his Nike shocks tennis shoes to “butch” up the gown. The Deacon blessed Zach with water and oil and I can not seem to get that oil smell off of him – after two bathes he still smells like a mixture of incense and spices.

Both Godparents Chris and Alison did a wonderful job of standing up for him and promised to do so from now on. Chris already started by letting Zach and I out of the car when Alex locked us in. Thank Heavens for Godparents.

Five months old

Can anyone else believe that Zachary is five months old?? I seriously can not. While I can still vividly remember my life before him, these first five months with him have flown by. He is now 26 inches long and 15 lbs. I still like to squish him into this bathtub as I think it keeps him more warm…but am going to have to stop soon.

And with the weight gain FINALLY he started sleeping through the night!! I know I am totally going to jinx it by typing it out and he will try to wake up tonight, but for the past 4 days he has gone down at 7:00, tried to get up at 5:30 while I ignore him, then woke up talking to himself at 6:30 where he stays until I get him at 7:00. Bliss I tell you, sleeping is pure bliss. I do think the rice cereal had something to do with it, even to just push his weight up enough to be able to sleep. I am still shoveling it in his tiny mouth just to be safe.

Happy Mother’s Day!

As this is my first day as an actual mother (last year I was pregnant with Zach and I personally don’t think that really counts) I wanted to give thanks to two of the mothers in my life. As with every lucky person, there are many women who come into your life to “mother” you in one way or another, be it a grandmother, aunt, co-worker or friend. All these women deserve thanks for helping me to be the best mother I can be, but today I am specifically want to thank my mom and my mother-in-law.

Each woman has raised 2 excellent children. All of us are self-sufficient, college educated and generally kind, caring and empathetic people – with only one 100% republican in the mix. Basically, the type of people I hope my kids grow up to be. Both women have given so much to Alex, Zachary and me we don’t have the space to list it all, and lets face it, it will make me start to cry…again. I just hope they both know how much their love and support means to us!

Happy Mother’s Day Granny Marsh and Grandma Liv!

The Sweetest Thing

I just spent 15 minutes rocking Zach sort of to sleep. I initially went in as he had worked himself up into a frenzy at the suggestion that he go to bed. My plan was to calm him and let him “self-soothe”. But then, when I had him all cuddled up in my arms I just could not bear to put him down. He has started to do what I call his tired noises. They are little coos and ooos and ahhs that are just the sweetest things I have ever heard. His little eyes are zig zagging he is so tired, but he insists on making his tired noises. I just melt. So I rocked him, and loved him and then put him into his bed still awake but groggy – just as the books say.

Suzy Homemaker

My company is an excellent company to work for and I highly recommend it. Why you ask? My current reason is the 6 months of maternity leave I am enjoying. I took off 4 weeks before my due date to give my co-workers a break from my waddling and crankiness. I will round out the 6 months when I go back June 1.

Since I have been home I have been doing even more of the household chores than normal. With Alex’s schedule I did most anyway, with some small exceptions. I would do all the laundry and fold it – but not put it away. It was my little stab of “I work too!!”. I had no plan to change this until my mother, sister and Dad came to help me with Zach. Lauren did all our laundry AND put it all away and when Lauren left, my mom took over.

When my mom came back a few months later, I was back to doing the laundry and letting Alex put his away. My mother tactfully pointed out that since he does work 90+ hours and I am technically at home – working she was quick to say, working, but at home, might it not be too much to ask to put away my hard working husband’s clothes? I will not go into great detail on how this was a shock coming from my feminist mom, but let’s just say that if she was suggesting it, I should take it seriously. And I had to admit, the woman was right. I now employ Zach to help me with this task as you can see below. I can’t be sure what is going to happen when I go back to work, but I do know that Alex has enjoyed this change though he is entirely too smart to point out that my mother was right.

Such a help with the (formerly) clean dish towels

Enter at your own risk

Zach has been eating rice cereal for two weeks now and has only slept through the night four times. Granted, those were wonderful nights – but I want more. I am now trying yet another tactic.

First, I am no longer letting him nap after his 4:00 pm feeding. I feed him at 7:00 and put him down to sleep then and go in at 10:30 to give him a “dream feed”. That just means that he doesn’t really wake up, he is eating in his sleep. So far there have been mixed results with the earlier bedtime. A couple nights he went down without a fight, but others (like last night) he passed out for about 45 minutes then hollered for 45 more. Luckily our house is big enough so I can go into another room and not hear him. I am hoping that putting him to bed earlier will help him sleep through the night. My doctor said it was a possibility and, as we all know, I will try anything.

Second, I have upped his cereal intake. He is now getting 2 tablespoons twice a day. I am literally shoveling that stuff into his mouth. He does not seem to mind as he has his father’s desire and ability to eat whatever is put into his mouth. However, to get the cereal into his mouth you have to maneuver through his hands which stay permanently in his mouth, and around his legs which kick hard and with no warning. Today he caught the spoon with those legs getting it on his nose, eyelashes and knees.

Beautiful Day

April showers better bring some May flowers, as we have had enough rain here in Houston to grow acres of flowers. On one of the nice days, Zach and I sat outside with Norman. Zach loved to sit between my legs and watch Norman run and run about the yard. I can’t wait for Zach to get big enough to play with Norm. Poor Norm. He is such an active dog and we just don’t have the time to be with Zach and play with Norm as he needs to be played with. So my compromise is to take Zach outside and spend some time with Norman.