Enter at your own risk

Zach has been eating rice cereal for two weeks now and has only slept through the night four times. Granted, those were wonderful nights – but I want more. I am now trying yet another tactic.

First, I am no longer letting him nap after his 4:00 pm feeding. I feed him at 7:00 and put him down to sleep then and go in at 10:30 to give him a “dream feed”. That just means that he doesn’t really wake up, he is eating in his sleep. So far there have been mixed results with the earlier bedtime. A couple nights he went down without a fight, but others (like last night) he passed out for about 45 minutes then hollered for 45 more. Luckily our house is big enough so I can go into another room and not hear him. I am hoping that putting him to bed earlier will help him sleep through the night. My doctor said it was a possibility and, as we all know, I will try anything.

Second, I have upped his cereal intake. He is now getting 2 tablespoons twice a day. I am literally shoveling that stuff into his mouth. He does not seem to mind as he has his father’s desire and ability to eat whatever is put into his mouth. However, to get the cereal into his mouth you have to maneuver through his hands which stay permanently in his mouth, and around his legs which kick hard and with no warning. Today he caught the spoon with those legs getting it on his nose, eyelashes and knees.

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