I knew the second I put it out there that he was sleeping through the night it would come back to bite me – and hard. Yep, the past two nights he has awoken screaming bloody murder for food. I think he is just going through a growth spurt, which should pass, but the pitch of his screams are nothing you can ignore. Trust me, I have tried. They even woke up Alex who never wakes up for anything. Now I see why he gets kicked out of the YMCA daycare. Who could listen to that??

3 thoughts on “Regression

  1. My deepest fellow-mommy sympathies! Jack has been waking up from what appear to be night-terrors screaming bloody murder at least once every 24 hours, many times in the middle of the night. So,
    I’ll be thinking about you up with Zach when Jack wakes me up tonight.

    -Heather Thornton McRae

  2. I am afraid that crying at night is part of being a baby. I never could figure out a way around it (but you do have a nice rocker!). I don’t know who Zach looks like in that picture but whoever it is he or she is really cute!

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