For Alex’s birthday, and the Memorial Day weekend we decided to become the proud owners of an above ground pool – ladder and all. Yes, that is correct, while we might have moved to a better zip code you can’t shake off the trash. I was highly concerned that our neighbors would turn us into the homeowners association, but they claim to not be members so I think we are safe so far.
One of our friends (thanks again, Kyle) and his family had a snazzy above-ground and he told Alex that after work to come home and sit in the pool with a beer, you really were “living the dream”. So we three hustled over to Toys R Us to grab a pool before the rest of the trailer park got there. We set it up for our Memorial Day party and had high expectations of much swimming happening in it. Turns out a big turn-off for small children to get in the pool are two men drinking 32 oz Budweisers in it (you will see them in the video). I can’t imagine why. However, once we brought Baby Zach out to the pool, it did become the place to be – scary men and all.

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  1. I first must apologize for my husband encourgaing Alex to buy the pool. I felt your remorse last summer. I will say Kyle really enjoyed himself with that pool as I'm sure Alex will as well. I made such a big deal on how he wasn't going to take care of it and the water was going to get all stagnant and gross. I will say he purchased a chlorine kit and monitored the 'pool' weekly to keep it up. I guess now he has proven that if our next house has a built in pool, he would take care of it. 🙂 I will say he was a little disappointed when I mentioned that we probably wouldn't use it as much this summer with a new baby and that we probably shouldn't buy another.

  2. Looks like fun! Kinsey and Lauren always had a back yard pool (usually with a slip and slide). Kinsey's Dad still complains about the pool “killing the grass” (even though the damage was done and has been undone for almost two decades!).

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