Zach and his friend Wyatt are best buddies. They are 3 days apart and have been together since birth and before, really. Wyatt has been at Zach’s daycare for a while, which was a huge help to us both. Wyatt is the advanced boy in the group – there is always one. He rolls over (both ways), was holding himself up early and now he has teeth. Ummmm the boys are only 5 and 1/2 months old. While some mothers might feel threatened, as I tell his mother Tracy all the time – thank heavens you are going first. I get to see what is coming for us and have Tracy to talk with about it when we finally get there. But so far, my little angel is content to stare and eat his hands, kick his legs up to eat his toes, and refuse, REFUSE to roll over. And teeth? Pu-lease, there is no chance that boy is getting teeth anytime soon. It took me a really, really long time to get teeth and unless he takes after his father on that front, I will be pureeing his food for quite a bit longer.

One thought on “Buddies

  1. There is no turning back once they move forward. I remember after Ali learned to walk so early, I promised I would never try to encourage that again. The first year goes by so quickly, you have to enjoy the baby moments while you can….So fun that he has a little friend to hang out with his own age.

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