Anyone that has talked to me in the past week knows that I do not think that Zach is teething. I mean, who is not to say that ALL 6 month olds are just a tad cranky? Because most of Zach’s friends (and he) are cranky, whiny and generally fussy for good bits of the day. Only one of them has a tooth. Why does everyone say that that temperament is teething? The books say that drooling is not related to teething but getting the tummy ready to digest real food. And why can’t sticking things in your mouth be the same idea? The books also say that when they start to do more, like roll over, sit up and grab for things they get more fussy as they start to realize all they can and can not do. But the better question is why am I so hell bent that my child is NOT teething – if you know the answer to that, feel free to enlighten me.

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