Belated Celebration

This weekend we had a belated celebration for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Each respective weekend did not work out for a full celebration, we went to eat but Alex had to work through both. So this Saturday I took advantage of some gift certificates to a spa in town and got a massage and facial. When asked what problem areas I had, I simply stated that I had a 6 month old son who had reeked havoc on my once decent body and skin. That was enough said. It was sooo lovely. I felt pampered and relaxed when my boys came to pick me up.

Then we headed out to the Taste of Texas steakhouse. It is outside the loop and pretty trashy. There is really no other way to say it. It is one step up from Steak n’ Ale. Which is fine, obviously – let’s keep in mind one of my favorite restaurants is Chilli’s – but don’t try to be fancy with your fake flowers and fake Texas memorabilia. We were there by 5:00 and we had to wait 15 minutes. Both of us were shocked, we do not see how it fills up so early! I will say that I did enjoy the salad bar and Alex really liked his steak. So I will stop before I sound like a complete snob. And we all know I like to have something to talk about.

Luckily Zach had on his fake camo for the fun.

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