My sweet friend Mary Beth who just moved back from Paris, gave Zach a plastic Sophie the Giraffe, orginally made in France. It came with a sweet story, a place to write who gave it to him and all I could think was that it looks like a dog toy. Zachary loves it. Her nose is perfect for chewing on and her legs are the perfect width to squeeze some pudgy little fingers around. She is our go-to toy in the car now. He usually falls asleep like this, either with his arm around her or clutching one of her legs. Oh, she squeaks like a dog toy too. We can’t really squeak her in the house or Norm comes running.

Peas, Please

Who likes peas? Not me, not really Alex, but baby Zachary will gobble them right down. Alex and I gave him sweet potatoes for his first food though, as starting with peas just seems mean. He was pretty unsure about the sweet potatoes as well, as you can see below. Since then he has decided he likes sweet potatoes, peas and apples but HATES pears. Seriously, who hates pears? I think maybe the ones I made for him were too tart, so I gave him some jarred ones which he seemed to like better. I am going to try to capture his “pear face” as I call it on camera as you would think I am feeding him cat food.