Neurons Firing

I love it when I can see Zach’s brain working. Those little times when he is about to do something new and you happen to be there and get to watch. This happened in the bath the other day when he realized that if he moved his hand holding the pink plastic toy to the left, it would hit the wall and make a whacking sound. I watched his eyes follow the plastic toy and make the connection that he made that sound – and he liked it. He did it over and over again, until the urge to eat the toy grew too strong. Babies really are amazing, as little as they can do (like refusing to roll front to back), their brains are growing bigger and smarter every day.

2 thoughts on “Neurons Firing

  1. That may be the cutest picture yet! I can definitely see his brain at work. Thank heavens he now has a better bath tub where he cannot hit his head.

  2. Hi Kinsey! It's Patty Bratton from San Antonio. Hope you don't mind, but Karol sent me your blog link way back when and I've been following your blog ever since. You totally crack me up and give me the perk I need with some of your blogs! You really have a knack for this!

    I know that at times, people have said that Zach looks like your husband, but I have thought from the very first picture that you posted that he is your “spittin' image”…and this picture REALLY confirms that for me. It's like looking at a little Kinsey!

    I'm so happy that things are going so great for your family. You and your husband have been entrusted with the most challenging, but VERY rewarding gift that God blesses anyone with. I wish all the best for each of you.

    Take care!

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