Happy 4th of July!

Zach had a great 4th of July weekend. He went on a “vacation” to his grandparents Wall on Friday night where he got to stay up late, take walks and have his every whim catered too. On Saturday he was found harassing his friend Tyler (who is a month younger) by pulling out his pacifier and trying to pull him over – I am not making this up. Luckily Tyler was a pretty good sport about it… you know, about my child being a bully.

Zach did a lot of swimming at his grandparents house, which he loves as everyone who reads this knows. Alex and I brought Norman out to pick up Zach so it was a family swim day with Norman dog paddling around the pool chasing tennis balls and Zachary being pulled around in his pink float. I got to lounge on my own pool float and watch the commotion.

Sunday we went down to Galveston where his grandparents were as well as my Papa, and cousins Emily and Sarah. We took him down to the beach and sat under an umbrella. I (of course) forgot to bring baby sunscreen so we just slathered him with some adult 40 and called it good. He did just fine and no sun touched that white, white skin. He loved seeing my parent’s dog Louisa and especially loved to grab a hold of her whiskers and pull her towards his open mouth. Luckily, she did not mind either. Zach is very lucky to have understanding friends and pets around him.

Pretending to be innocent…
Let me just pull you down and get that pacifer

Zach on a raft

In his 4th of July outfit

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