My Sweet Boy

I am so in love with my child right now. I think that is due to a mix of things – and the fact that I am his mother and that is a requirement for the job. But anyway, I am done bfeeding, so there are all sorts of hormones coursing about me which makes conversely full of love for him and full of tears for how big he is getting. Too, this age is just so much fun with him sitting up, knowing who we are and smiling and giggling. But, the biggest thing, I think is the fact that he is a really good baby.
I am so blessed and lucky to have gotten a good natured baby for my first baby. He loves people, likes to “sing” and “talk” to you in a very loud, very high pitched voice, LOVES our dog (more on sweet Norman later), really he just likes everything except for baths right now. Weird I know, we have not figured that out just yet. As corny as I feel it is to type it, he is a joy and so much fun to be around. I am going to bookmark this post for when he turns 2 and someone will need to remind me how sweet my baby once was.

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