I can’t have too many

Bathtubs for my child that is. As evident on this blog, I have more than one, 3 to be exact. I have a plastic one with a sling for when he was tiny. Then the sling was removed and he reclined until he could sit up. Then there is the one that is a cylinder. I am still not sure what stage this one is for, as he was too big by the time I started using it, but still sort of love it. And now we have a blow up duck tub since he is a “confident sitter” (and actual baby term I promise). This one is my favorite as I don’t worry about him falling over and conking his head on the actual tub (did you know houses come with tubs attached?) as the puffy sides of the duck are there to catch him.

Now I was 100% confident in my views that I needed ALL these tubs. Naysayers were all around (ahem, Granny Marsh), but I stood firm. I needed these tubs, I had to have all three, they were completely vital to my child’s life. How could I bathe him otherwise? Simply impossible I say!

Turns out all I needed was a kitchen sink.

Zach in the kitchen sink in Destin – no duck tub to be found

One thought on “I can’t have too many

  1. Hilarious. We only have 2 tubs. The one like Zach with the sling in it and the duck. Although we went through 2 ducks. Our cat attacked the first and it deflated. I thought Ali was going to have a heart attack when I tried to explain what happened to her duck. So, in order to avoid future tantrums we just went and bought another one. She was 24 months before we could get our out of it for baths! Two year olds don't really fit in the duck. Of course, I never even thought of using the kitchen sink…probably would have been a lot easier.

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