I hate it when my mother is right

I am not sure how many of you were aware that I had signed myself and my 7 month old up for swimming lessons at our local YMCA. No, that was not a typo; swimming lessons for a 7 month old. I blame my mother really. I have pictures of me doing the mommy and me swim lessons TWICE before I was a year old. Though she told me that I screamed the entire time, I naturally chose to not hear that part and only think of all the fun Zach and I would have in the water. If she could do it, of course I could! Surely my angel and I would be the stars of the show and as he loves our above ground pool this would totally be a breeze. I really should have listed more closely. It was not good, not good at all. Zach was the youngest child there – the others at least knew their name – and all he wanted to do was eat the rubber duck he was supposed to be “reaching and pulling for”. He did not want to float on his back, the second you put him there he would slap me and grab for my sunglasses and don’t even get me started on blowing bubbles. Again, he does not know his name, how could I tell him to blow bubbles??

Luckily, my father in law took him one day, and it was fun to sit on the sidelines and watch. Especially when he was going the wrong way in the circles of mommies during the hokey-pokey. Thank you Vince!

Zach has “reached and pulled” for the duck and refuses to stop chewing it

Vince is singing “Humpty Dumpty” and Zach is supposed to fall into the water – sure.

4 thoughts on “I hate it when my mother is right

  1. If we learned EVERYTHING our mother's taught us, our children would never see us mistakes and know we are human… that's what I tell myself anyway! Love the pictures of Zach in the pool!

  2. I'm laughing out loud right now…He is so cute. It would be boring if they just did what they were told…There is a baby and mommy swim class at the same time as Ali's swim lesson and this one little dude always just sleeps through it. At least he is awake to eat the duck. 🙂

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