A tisket, a tasket, a little boy in a basket

Apparently I have a love of putting my child in a laundry basket. It is true, for some reason the sight of him trapped in those walls just makes me giddy! This time it was for his safety – or my sanity, maybe both. He is not crawling yet, but likes to sit up and then reeeaaaccchhh for things, topple over and roll around the floor. That is all fine and good when he has my undivided attention in the back room, but what about when I need to be in the kitchen? I mean, I have meals to prepare, emails to return and mail to be checked. I am very busy here people. So I got the idea to stick him in a laundry basket with some Gladware. He loved it. He was the one who got giddy over drumming on the containers and trying to eat the lids. At least for the time being it will work. Until he starts trying to pull up and tump himself over thereby giving me a heart attack. Which will most likely be next week.

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