You Have Got to be Kidding Me

I am so glad that the week of August 17 – August 24 is over and far, far behind us. It was recouping from that week that caused a lag in my blogging. It was not the best in the Wall family.

First, Zach made his inaugural trip to the Texas Children’s Hospital ER, after he awoke crying and holding his breath. Yes, holding his breath for 3-4 seconds at a time. Terrifying and totally weird. Once we got the the hospital he was (of course) acting completely normal, smiling and reaching for the doctors. They deemed him 100% healthy and said that it was a “stop breathing” behavioral problem……I’m sorry, what? My normally happy 8 month old, who can be distracted by a plastic yogurt container and his hands, is all of the sudden going to start holding his breath to get his way? Alex and I were both unimpressed with that diagnosis. But what were we going to do? It was 1am, his lungs and ears looked fine, and he was chatting away with the nurses.

The next day we were scheduled to see his doc anyway and upon a quick look in both his ears announced that he had a ear infection. “How did they not see this last night?” and “Did they use one of these?” (pointing to the ear light tool) were her immediate questions. So a round of Amoxicillin was ordered and Vince got the joy of giving it to him the first time. I had a dinner with friends planned – what, I was supposed to cancel?

You think I am done? Hardly.

Friday, I had what I believed to be a routine removal of a Basel cell skin cancer dot from my forehead. 10 stitches, a swollen eye and a giant bandage across the MIDDLE of my forehead later, I realized it was a teensy bit bigger deal then I thought. They got it all, told me I was fine and to ice my head. Luckily Alex was enlisted to pick up Zach that evening as I could not drive with the whole one eye swollen business.

While I was laying and icing, lightening struck our front yard. Scared Norman and I as it sounded like a shotgun went off in the house. Though Norm highly enjoyed the running about the house looking for fire business. Yup, blew out the cable (literally the plug flew from the wall, charred on the inside), burned out the phones, a TV, the computer and printer. Not to mention all the plugs in Zach’s room, fan controls and the bathroom lights. No fire, and my baby was not there so really it was just shocking – and hard to ensure there was no fire with my eye swollen and my glasses not fitting correctly due to the GIANT bandage.

What is the result of all this you ask?? Why such a diatribe Kinsey?? As the pics below show, Zach was still his happy, happy self and I once again felt like the luckiest mom. That week ended with tired, annoyed parents, a freaked out dog and a baby covered in Amoxicillian – but not the least bit worse for wear.

2 thoughts on “You Have Got to be Kidding Me

  1. Glad you made it through your horrible week! And I feel your lightning pain… we had a June strike on the house take out our cable (TV and modem), garage door opener, air conditioner, wifi, etc. Even more important, I'm glad that you and Zach are OK!

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