I got my wish

Once I said to Alex, – very, very seriously – that it is very important to me that Zach be photogenic. Smart, healthy, blah, blah, blah. I don’t want to be stuck dealing with years of pictures of our family with his eyes closed, mouth open because he is talking or chewing, and just generally looking like he has an IQ of 80…that position has been filled by the other Wall in my life. Alex told me I was being absurd and that “he won’t care about that”, to which I replied in a very high shrill pitch that “he WILL care, because I care, and YOU should care, because I care. How can we have family pictures? What about the Holiday cards??” Alex just stared at me and passed me the Cheez-Its.
It turns out that I needn’t have worried. Zach is pretty darn photogenic, in fact if a camera focuses on him he turns his head and smiles until you are finished. I am not sure if it is the fact that he has been paparazzied since he was born, or the flash which makes him giggle, but I don’t care. My baby loves to have his picture taken, and in our house where the rule is “if 2 out of 3 look good – the picture is good” that leaves only one person I have to worry about…and it is not the dog.

One thought on “I got my wish

  1. Kinsey – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. Please tell Alex that if your child has the Chandler Bing smile disease, he will need a smile coach, like Jay Mobley did before his wedding, not to mention – you will be forever unhappy.

    Keep up the good work mama!

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