Spotted: A Tooth

Yes! It is true! Zach has a tiny, tiny tooth poking through on his bottom gum. I would not have even noticed had I not been telling my friend Beth about how Zach was super sleepy on Wednesday and kinda clingy. She asked (when I saw her Saturday) if he had gotten a tooth. After I shrugged and made a noise like “Huh? What? I was supposed to be watching for that”, I stuck my finger into his mouth and felt a tiny line of not-soft-gum. Yippee! I don’t know why I feel satisfaction as a mother when I had absolutely nothing to do with it, nor did I even know it had happened. I guess I am just glad he has one….but am now worried that he might only have one. What if the others can’t break through? What if he is the weird, no crawling, no walking kid with just one tooth in his mouth at daycare?? At least he has hair, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Spotted: A Tooth

  1. The weekend I was there he was drooling a lot and I wondered then if a tooth might be showing up soon.

    Judging from his mother and aunt I expect that more teeth are on the way. And his mother was the master of 'army style' crawl as her mother described. So not to worry. P. Wayne

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