Pumkin Patch

As I typed the title of this post I thought of all the other moms doing the same, either on their blog, Facebook or just a folder of their pics of their children in a pumpkin patch. It seems to be THE thing to do with a little kid, so of course I was all over it. I drug Alex and Zach to St. Luke’s pumpkin patch this weekend to get my fill of pictures of my baby with pumpkins. It finally got cold enough to not have him in a swimsuit next to the pumpkins but in his snappy plaid shirt and jeans. In true Alex & Kinsey Wall style, we were there for no more than 15 minutes, took about 20 pictures and left $18.50 poorer, but with me 100% giddier. Totally worth it for 5 pumpkins and a lifetime of memories, I say, however Alex begs to differ….

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