Big Stander

Oh those chubby thighs, how I just love them! Alex and his dad lowered Zach’s crib from the current position (seen above) upon the insistence of my pediatrician. She said that he would begin pulling up when we did not expect it and could flip himself out of the crib. I (of course) thought she was possibly insane as my child had not indicated any desire to stand up, much less flip himself anywhere. And (of course) I was wrong. Not one week after we lowered his crib, he started pulling up on anything and everything – including his crib walls. It was a slow process with his feet getting trapped under him, and him toppling over, but now he is quite the pro. He likes to stand in his crib and holler at me when I put him down for his nap and stand clinging to the dog gate and holler at Norman. Norman does not really appreciate this, but just seems relived that Zach is not on the same side as him.

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