Bully Baby

Seriously, I think Zach may be the schoolyard bully. And why does this not disturb me? Those of you with psychology degrees, get to thinking about that while I explain.

This weekend at the wedding in Austin Zach and his friend Tyler were put down on the floor together to “play”. Now, Zach’s teachers have explained to me that at this age they really don’t play together. They are just starting to figure out that each other is there and usually just play with toys in the vicinity of each other. However, my child seems to have figured out that Tyler is there and that he has stuff that Zach wants. This is not the first incident of Zach stealing things from Tyler, and I assume it will not be the last. This time it was Tyler’s blanket. Zach repeatedly stole it from Tyler, the held it out of his reach! Poor Tyler is not used to these shenanigans and was not the least bit pleased, which is understandable!

Two weeks ago at school we got a note saying the following: “Zach really enjoyed playing with the Fill It bucket (dumping things out and putting them back in) and when his little friends came over to “help” he squealed as if to say “I can do it myself!”. Why do I think that he was really squealing “Back OFF this is MINE!”

My mother always said that I would have a child like myself as payback and I thought that since Zach is a happy baby (unlike me) that she was wrong and I had foiled the system. As usual, she is right, just in a different way. Have I mentioned that I HATE to share? That I steal things from my little sister even now? That when Alex asks me for 2 Cheez-its I scowl at him like he is asking for blood? Darn, I think we are in trouble.

So innocent, just looking at his friend
Going for the blanket

Tyler trying to get over to the blanket and Zach having none of that

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