Big A little Z

Only one boy was sick in my house this past week and it was little Z. We have been through a few bouts of sickness recently, from an ear infection, to a stomach virus and now bronchitis – followed up by double ear infections again. I am just about tired of seeing my doctor and the Walgreen’s pharmacists.
What struck me was the medicine that Zach’s doc gave him as a “just in case” with the bronchitis breathing treatments. It looked very, very similar to one that his father was given with his last sickness….sigh. Foreshadowing anyone?

High and Tight

This Saturday my sister and I took Zach to get his first haircut. Why did he need one you ask? Just check out the mop top below.

Anyway, so I made an appointment at a place that only does kids haircuts and off we went. Zach did a lot of staring when we arrived, naturally. There were walls of mirrors, strange chairs, screaming children and people wanting to talk to him. He only started smiling when his hairdresser (yes, hairdresser) started using the silent trimmers. Literally, they made no sound, but apparently tickled as he just giggled and giggled, ducking his head away.

The only problem of the day was not the baby in the chair, but his ill prepared mother. When she asked if I wanted her to “blend the top in with the sides” I’m pretty sure my face had a full Jim Halpert expression. I said “I dunno” or something equally eloquent, looked at my sister and we both shrugged. The only thing I know about boy’s hair is that I don’t like high and tight cuts. That is what Alex always gets and it is way to short all around. Again, I really don’t know what that means, but surely it made me sound somewhat knowledgeable right? Apparently not as Zach looks even more like Alex – both with their high and tight’s.

Bright, bright sun with his Auntie Lauren

Best Dressed at the Wurstfest

Finally, finally – pictures of Zach in his lederhosen! He had such a good time on Halloween weekend dancing with his Papa Wayne, chewing on his mini-beer stein and eating gumbo at Wurstfest in New Branfels. Both Alex and I were so excited to see him in the lederhosen since we searched all over Salsburg, Austria for the smallest pair we could find. At the time Alex said he would never have thought, if someone had told him, that he would be dragged by his crazed-preggers wife in and out of lederhosen stores (yes, stores, plural) searching for the perfect pair for their baby that was yet to be born. But it was all worth it I say, totally worth it!

Zach and his Auntie Lauren
Smiling with his beer stein at Mommy

Me in my shirt from Germany too

A Boy and His (doubtful) Dog

One of Zach’s favorite things to do now is scoot on over to the window, pull himself up and begin pounding on the window while “talking” to Norman. Or just “talking” to the outside if Norm is not available.
As I might have mentioned before, Norman was really not a big fan of Zachary (or any other baby) when he arrived at the house. My sweet sister worked with him and worked with him to get him comfy with this squirming, screeching ball of baby. And he did great. However, with each stage Zach goes into – moving his arms and legs, turning over, pulling up and now scooting across the floor – Norman regresses a little and seems to wonder what in the world this little blob is now doing.
The same goes for the window scene. Norman really wants to be inside, and Zach really wants to be anywhere Norman is. Norman is not really OK with Zach standing and moving so they tend to stare at each other until Norman blinks, which he always does.

Pop Goes the Suck-up

A few weeks ago Alex and I went to Zach’s school for his parent teacher conference (I am just going to push right past the fact that both of us were late to work to hear how our 9 month old was doing in daycare) and I felt the need to take something for the teachers. My lofty idea was to take Apple Cake pops that I saw on Bakerella. They are so freakin’ cute and would be perfect! However, I talked myself down realizing that I was not only slightly crazy but also, the pops are really time consuming. I ended up settling for blueberry pie pops. They were DARLING and only a little bit out of control.

His conference went great, they said he was hitting all his marks and doing wonderfully. They were not the least bit concerned with his scoot/crawl move and said they would like more babies like him. And this was before I whipped out the pie pops so they had to be speaking the truth.

This is not a Rainbow

There was some serious confusion about Zach’s (one of two) Halloween costume. I could not leave this inchworm costume in the store…but perhaps should have as everyone seemed to think he was a Rainbow. While I love rainbows as much as the next gal, that is not what he was supposed to be. You can see the legs on the costume in the 2nd pic and the pissed off look on his face when he realized he could not scoot/crawl away from our overgrown bushes and towards Norman in it.
As a side note, I am not the only person who thought this was a darling costume….but turns out that it works better on a baby that can’t sit up.