A Boy and His (doubtful) Dog

One of Zach’s favorite things to do now is scoot on over to the window, pull himself up and begin pounding on the window while “talking” to Norman. Or just “talking” to the outside if Norm is not available.
As I might have mentioned before, Norman was really not a big fan of Zachary (or any other baby) when he arrived at the house. My sweet sister worked with him and worked with him to get him comfy with this squirming, screeching ball of baby. And he did great. However, with each stage Zach goes into – moving his arms and legs, turning over, pulling up and now scooting across the floor – Norman regresses a little and seems to wonder what in the world this little blob is now doing.
The same goes for the window scene. Norman really wants to be inside, and Zach really wants to be anywhere Norman is. Norman is not really OK with Zach standing and moving so they tend to stare at each other until Norman blinks, which he always does.

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