High and Tight

This Saturday my sister and I took Zach to get his first haircut. Why did he need one you ask? Just check out the mop top below.

Anyway, so I made an appointment at a place that only does kids haircuts and off we went. Zach did a lot of staring when we arrived, naturally. There were walls of mirrors, strange chairs, screaming children and people wanting to talk to him. He only started smiling when his hairdresser (yes, hairdresser) started using the silent trimmers. Literally, they made no sound, but apparently tickled as he just giggled and giggled, ducking his head away.

The only problem of the day was not the baby in the chair, but his ill prepared mother. When she asked if I wanted her to “blend the top in with the sides” I’m pretty sure my face had a full Jim Halpert expression. I said “I dunno” or something equally eloquent, looked at my sister and we both shrugged. The only thing I know about boy’s hair is that I don’t like high and tight cuts. That is what Alex always gets and it is way to short all around. Again, I really don’t know what that means, but surely it made me sound somewhat knowledgeable right? Apparently not as Zach looks even more like Alex – both with their high and tight’s.

Bright, bright sun with his Auntie Lauren

One thought on “High and Tight

  1. Girl..I'm not going to know what to ask for when time comes for Carter's hair. Of course, he might be 2 years old before we have to get his cut…I will say whoever thought of a 'kids' hair cut place was brilliant. We go to the one at the Woodlands mall and end up paying $20 for a bang trim…???…But we're able to get in and out without any major catostraphes b/c there's so much that entertains them…well worth $20…By the way, his hair is super cute!

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