Blue Patrol

Zach loves to hang out with his Auntie Tami and Uncle Dave. They sweetly came over and took Zach out for lunch and with them on some errands to give me a break one Saturday. Dami (a fabulous nickname I came up with for them) were both wearing baby blue as was Zach. The looked like a perfect little family. I was glad for their perfectness to get out of my house and let me go back to eating Cheez-its on the couch in my un-matching exercise clothes.
But I digress…
One thing I love/hate about Tami, is that she is the only person who can wipe Zach’s face after a meal without him rapidly turning his head away and squealing like a little piglet. The second I approach him with a wet towel he starts to shriek and squirm like I am trying to – well like I am trying to do anything but what he wants me to do. But for Tami he just gazes up at her angelically as she gently wipes his face.
But really, that is how I gaze at her as well.

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