Not my vision

This weekend my parents came to help us get ready for Christmas. We put up the tree, got the wreath on the front of the house and took a family picture of our first Christmas. Needless to say getting 2 adults, 1 baby and 1 dog to all look at the camera (eyes open) and smile was really, really hard. Especially given Zachary’s new fondness for not smiling and just staring at the camera. I think we got one that was OK – not great, not terrible, just OK.

This one is NOT that picture and is totally not my vision for our little family…but more like the reality that it is.

5 thoughts on “Not my vision

  1. As the “picture helper” for the Wall Family Xmas picture I rated the performers as follows: Kinsey – 10 (all those years of DG posing have made her a pro); Alex – 9 (great outfit, good attitude, eyes open in most pictures;heading towards a type rating with the pro); Norman – 8.5 (he literally ran in and posed and ran out; he caused no trouble); Zach – 7.0 (only because I love him more than life itself and I am curving his grade). He is usually a great “poser” but, alas, not this day. All in all, a great family photo shoot with very realistic results. Thanks to Wayne, the photos are in focus.

  2. Fantastic picture of you…The boys look handsome too! I also love the colors in this picture. We are thinking about redoing our bedroom in January. I really like the blue walls. Would you happen to remember the color you used? It's very peaceful.

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