It’s the Holiday Season

Zach’s first Christmas tree is up! It is also filled with my lovely gold balls, baubles and stars, all of which are breakable and not for touching – by anyone (that includes you Alex). During the aforementioned photo session Zach decided that shiny glass ball would be fabulous to hold on to. Luckily my mom snatched him away just in time. Phew! What did he think this ways, a child’s holiday?? Good thing the tree is in a room that he is not in very often. It is for looking at only – no touching. Ahhh the holidays.

One thought on “It’s the Holiday Season

  1. Perfect picture…so sweet. Let me know how you handle keeping everyone away from the ornaments. I still don't know the trick. I gave up and bought a small tree for Alison. We place all 'her' fun ornaments on it. She made it real clear that it is her tree and we are not to touch it…Kyle told me the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 🙂

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