How many people were at YOUR first birthday?

Because there were 35 adults and 9 kids at Zachary’s. A bit much you say? I would totally agree if this were not the norm for my life since marrying Alex Wall. That is how the Walls do it. If 6 people are good – 16 are better. Don’t just have a small dinner party with your fine china when you could have a huge one using 3 full sets of china from your equally party crazy grandma.

But I digress…this is not about me. It is about my son, the very big, two teethed, scooting/slider who is now a whole year old. The party was a ton of fun – not so much for him, but for Alex and I it was great. As much as I complain and freak out about it, apparently I dig having big parties.
The problem for Zach was that when he went down for his afternoon nap there were 3 people here – me, Alex and my Godsend of a sister Lauren. When he awoke there were the above mentioned 35 people and 9 children. All staring at him and smiling. A bit daunting for anyone much less a groggy baby. But he rebounded in time for the scoot/slide competition and the judging of the “Future First that Zach has to Look Forward To” contest. Jennifer Prewitt won that one with the “First ‘Hey’ just like his dad”.

Alex – always dressed up for the occasion. Zach – wondering what the H is going on here. Kinsey – sorority smile is always appropriate.

Some of the pictures of Zach’s “Firsts” he did this year

Wanting nothing to do with his cupcake. Good thing I didn’t kill myself making them, I let the good people at Randalls do that for me.

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