Party People

Zach’s party really was only fun because of all the people who attended. How could I complain about having a ton of people in the house if no one showed up? What would I talk about then? Well, we all know I would complain about them NOT showing up. But that is really not as much fun. Not even close.

My sweet friend Sonia came with my buddy Hayden and his sister, the equally yummy Evelyn (and her husband Brian on the side). My playgroup showed up in force too, dragging their husbands along for the trip. I do love those girls. They have talked me through many a Kinsey emergency. (That would be something that has to be dealt with right this minute. Everyone stop what you are worrying about and tell me how to fix this!!)

My sister flew in from Dallas that morning. When I set the party date she made her flight arrangements within hours – leaving her sweet husband asking if he was invited. She just shrugged at him and said that someone had to watch the dogs. What would I do without that girl? She totally made the party possible. She is a supportive and loving cleaning machine. By 2 hours after everyone left you would not have even known a party happened except for the renegade confetti floating about (I do LOVE confetti).

Alex’s 20-something work friends came. You could find them cowering in the kitchen at a safe distance from the children and married people – leaving only to grab a beer and a Chick-fil-a nugget then run back to the safety of the kitchen. All our friends from when Alex and I used to be fun were in attendance. I love friends that have made you get back in the car when you were sure your lipstick was totally fine (after being on the ground), did not let you sleep on their lawn when it was oh so comfy, discussed how much this boy (now husband) liked you – does he like me like me or just like me-want-to-make-out-with-me like me, and have stood by us through thick and thin (literally. I gained a LOT of weight while pregnant). They are a special group of people that our lives would not be the same without. And there would be puke in my hair.

My, my I feeling awfully sentimental this week aren’t I? Must be something in the air, or all the drinking. Whatever it is I better be back to my snarky self soon or people are going to start getting concerned…

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