Snow x2

Seriously! Snow! Again!
While in Denton for Christmas it snowed about 3 inches on Christmas eve. Real life, sticking to the ground, swirling around snow. Since it was real snow it was also really freezing and obviously, I could not go out there – it was entirely too cold for me. So I sent Alex out with Zach to get some pictures. Oh and my dad who had to take the pictures. Each time I yelled for Alex that the snow was perfect and to get his coat, my dad would sigh and go get his parka and ear muffs. He is a good, good man, my dad.

After dark (not sure why then) Alex took Zach down the hill to try out the sled that my mom has had waiting 15 years for just such a moment. You can never be too prepared in her book. The sledding was a terrible idea, none of us but Alex thought it was a good one. But it was not as bad as the picture looks….seriously, it looks like one of those ads for the Army National Guard.

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