Dog? Dog? Dog?

Zach loves Norman. Norman is not so sure about Zach.

Last week when I picked up Zach from school he was thrilled to find out that Norman was in the back of the car. The entire ride home consisted of him saying “dog, dog, dog” for the very long 10 minutes it takes to get home. Norman on the other hand was trying to alternativly leap out of the car and lick Zach for any food that might have been on his clothes.

Beautiful Baby?

It has happened. I have gone off the deep-end as a mother. Sigh. I have entered my child into the Live with Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby contest. Yes I, Kinsey Wall, believe that my baby is more beautiful than all the babies in the land.

Actually that is not true. I have seen with my own eyes babies that are cuter than Zach. And those are some darn cute babies – you know who you are. I figure those darling babies and the following are why his chances are pretty slim:
  • There are thousands of people as crazy as me who will be sending in their own pics. Thousands and thousands of us, I am not lying.
  • Last year a baby girl who was the age Zach is now won, so I think they will most likely pick an older baby. Those interns that have to cull through all the pictures have an agenda I tell you.
Oh but the semi-rational side of me was not to be listened to mind you – my crazy self was not deterred. I have been thinking about this for a week (minimum) and have been very concerned about not having the best picture of Zach. It is really hard to get a picture of Zach where he does not have snot clinging to his nose/face, he is actually looking at the camera, and he is not talking.
Alex is familiar with this crazy person he married and indulged me when I ordered him into the bathroom to try to make Zach smile while in the tub. He did not even bat an eye. That picture did not work for me, his eyes looked crooked. I settled on this one I took today. A picture that I had to get by changing my child’s clothing after school and then chasing him around the back porch with my camera. Oh, did I mention that it has been really stressful two weeks at work, Alex has barely been home during those weeks AND Zach is going to one nap? Yet what am I the most worried about? The perfect picture of my child to send to some contest. I am going to just head on over and sign up for Toddlers and Tiaras now while I am on the crazy train. Toot toot!

Big Climber

This weekend it warmed up enough to take Zach to the park next to the zoo. It is really an awesome park. There are 3 different jungle gyms all for varying ages. The one we spent time on had the cushy ground covering, small slides and perfectly sized structures for my little scooter. He really liked climbing the stairs and going down the slide. Especially when a little girl showed up and was showing him how to do it. My little ladies man.

The Hut

For his birthday Zach received this pop up play hut, complete with crawl/scoot through tunnel. He absolutely loves it. It took some time for him to figure out how to scoot in over the lip of the hut, but he finally did and spends quite a bit of time going in and out and hiding behind the flaps.

As I am desperate for him to learn that I am “mama” I play a lot of peekaboo with said flaps screaming “Where is Mama? Where is Mama? There she is!”. And yes, I feel like a crazy person speaking of myself in the 3rd person and Norman just wants to know why I am making such a ruckus at this giant green hut. Oh and Zach? He just smiles and laughs – but refuses to say “There is my mama!”.

This would not happen if I stayed at home

Zach got his first bite at school this week. Apparently he was playing with a toy another child wanted and that child decided to bite my baby and take his toy. The other child didn’t just take a little nibble, no, no, he (or she – they would not tell me who the culprit was), left 6 teeth marks on my child’s cheek. The bottom two drew blood!

At first I started laughing – my default when I don’t know what to do, as inappropriate as that is – but it just seemed so absurd that he had gotten hurt that day given he was happy as can be eating cheerios when I arrived. But later it sunk in and I got sad for him. You never want your baby to be hurt, and though I know it is just a surface wound it is still highly pitiful.
The perils of daycare I suppose. But given what transpired when I attempted to take a picture of the wounds it is more likely that if I stayed home I might try to bite him myself.

Note the 4 red marks under his right (your left) eye and the two below those.

Oh that is not a hug for mommy. No. He wants my camera

And then got really, really mad when I would not let him have it.
PS Yes, my child is shirtless in January. Don’t judge me, I wanted to see that baby pudge.


Wow, that happened really, really fast. One day Zach was a baby and now he thinks he is a toddler who, though still scooting around, now throws fits when i leave the room and kicks his legs franticly in an attempt to NOT have his diaper put on, as a start. What? When did this happen? He has only been a year old for like 5 minutes.


We got Zach’s hair cut this past weekend and though now he has a total friar cut which I am NOT pleased about, his morning/nap hair does look a bit better. Ahh the sleep of a baby with no worries.