Merry 2nd Christmas

I really can’t be sure that it counts as his second Christmas since he was only 2 days old and we were still in the hospital for his first. But technically, this is his second one. We spent the morning in Denton with my family and the evening in Houston with the Walls. Zachary received entirely too many gifts, everyone was overly generous so we are stocked up with toys for the next few month. I plan to dole them out slowly.

Everyone really wanted Zach to tear at the paper and throw around the tissue paper. Instead he focused on one thing – usually a very intriguing white tag and refused to have anything to do with anything else.

Loving his trike from Uncle Dave – note that his feet are no where near the pedals, but he loves to hold on like he is not strapped in.

With his sweet Auntie Charldean

Pretending to sled – MUCH better than the actual sledding attempt

About 2 seconds before he ripped the antlers off his head

Trying on his Papa’s hat

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