A New Year; Same Baby

We spent New Year’s Eve with our friends Scott and Jen and their son Tyler. Tyler is about 3 weeks younger than Zach and they are most always doing all the same things (silence on what that says about my son). When we arrived both boys were in the pajamas and getting ready to go to bed. However, once they caught sight of each other there was no winding down to be had. Zach took the opportunity to climb the stairs and try to steal all the remotes and cell phones in sight. Tyler thought he was loony for continuing to head for the stairs, after all Tyler gets to climb them all he wants. But he sweetly climbed up as well, chatting the whole way.

Tyler also was a good baby and let us take a pic with the hats I purchased (of course I did). Zachary could simply not be bothered, what with all the stairs to distract him. I am really starting to dislike this baby having a mind of his own and the ability to move away from me and my paparazzi lens.

Tyler looking so angelic in his hat, Zach in the background eating a tag from the hat he refused to wear.

The clappers I brought were a huge hit. Mainly for banging into the floor and each other.

Darling boy in his feathers!

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