Stalking my baby

via my awesome video monitor. I tell anyone who will listen how much I loooooove the video monitor. It was great when he was tiny as I could just look on the monitor to determine if I really need to go in there. I could see if wrapped in his blanket, chocking on his pacifier or someone was trying to take him. All totally normal things a sleep deprived new mom is worried about, while sleeping 6 feet away.

And now that he is bigger I just like to watch him on the monitor. You can turn the volume off and just watch the lights. If he gets in the red, you know you are in trouble. We have it hung on the wall above his bed, so we get a birds eye view of him. I watch him standing up and banging on the crib rail, sitting up and taking off his socks, laying down and rolling back and forth and eventually sleeping. Oh the sleeping is just the sweetest thing. I always, always want to go in there and scoop him up – but I obviously never, never do.
My neighbor across the street can stalk him too if she carries her monitor into the front of her house. You can’t have too many eyes on your baby I say.

2 thoughts on “Stalking my baby

  1. I 100% agree that the video monitor is possibly the best thing ever. I didn't have one with Ali so I didn't know what I was missing. I have the same one and it totally rocks. I also feel the same way about my snap and go stroller. Wish I would have known I needed it with the first baby.

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