Valentines Boy

Last year I attempted to get a picture of Zach in a pink and navy striped onesie and the results were not great. One, because he was only 8 weeks old and just not that cute (sorry, but it is the truth – though I thought he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen) and two because he was just figuring out how to smile and really didn’t have it down. Nor could I catch it in action. You can see what I am talking about here. And as I have said before, February 2009 was a blur for me. I literally can not remember a thing about it. I guess I was just busy with feeding and changing and staring at that baby.

So this year I was determined remedy the negative picture situation and got him a super cute “Momma’s Boy” shirt. The shirt is an homage to the fact that he refuses to say “Momma” but now has started to say “Norman”. I want to die. Anyway, Alex didn’t even blink an eye at the shirt. He draws the line at hats (shhhh don’t tell him about the crayfish hat) but has given in to me wanting my baby to wear whatever I want right now. Good man.

Just my baby wearing a crayfish hat playing with a Bud Light beaded necklace. Nothing to see here.

Slow and Steady

Per Zach’s baby book he took his first steps at 12.5 months. What will follow that entry will be “started walking more that scooting, 13 months”. I think we have to admit that Zach is officially walking. I am still not going to set him down in Walgreens and expect him to walk next to me, but he is voluntarily walking around the house and at daycare, more than scooting for sure. As with his scooting, he really prefers to have something in his hands while moving. A ball if he can get his hands on it is for sure the favorite item to carry. But an empty lime juice bottle (that he and Norman fight over) will do.


Yesterday Zach was very, very quiet in our back room, which for him is very odd. Usually there is talking or singing. I came around the corner and this is what I found. He had gotten a hold of the toilet paper roll his dad was using as Kleenex the night before. Zach was so pleased with himself that he could unroll all that paper, I just didn’t have the heart to take it away from him. Well, that and I was not in the mood for the crying that would ensue.

On Schedule

Zach finally had his 1 year check up – just a month behind schedule. He is right on track on the growth charts and developmentally. He now weighs 22.6 lbs and is 30 inches tall with a large 4.5 foot. Thank you Alex Wall for ensuring that my son has to go into toddler shoes before he can even walk. My doc asked what “tricks” he could do and I said he can point, take some little steps unaided, wave bye-bye, say about 4-6 words (that we can verify) and feed himself. Though he will not feed himself any fruits or veggies. None. Zip. Zero. He does not like the texture of them in his hand. I wish I could blame that on Alex.

Anyway, besides me having to hide fruits and vegetables in all his meals, he is a great little guy. He is really a fun handful of energy to be around. He has started singing in the car and sometimes just walking around. I don’t have a clue what he is singing, but I like it. When I hear new moms talk about not wanting to leave their 3 or 4 week old baby because they are starting to “do things”, I want to tell them to just wait. It only gets so much better and harder at the same time. And your child will continue to look like a little old man, only now he looks like an old man who refuses to wear pants.


For your Wednesday morning enjoyment; the video of the Scoot/Slide competition between Alex and his friend Josh at Zach’s birthday party. What is not on video is me showing them how to do it correctly. Thank you Lauren for getting the good and leaving out the bad.

Bye Bye for Now

Zach loves to go up and down stairs (as most babies his age do). Unfortunately for him, the only stairs we have are pretty punk. We have the mini-step at the front porch and two steps leading to the garage. He, however, takes full advantage of both sets of faux stairs. If either of the doors are open he races (scooting of course) towards them and throws himself against the door. He will start to wail if you dare close it before he can get out.

We are obviously terrible parents since we (a) don’t let him do it all the time and (b) let him do it some, no matter that it is cold, wet and he has on neither shoes nor socks. I know Mom, I know.