Because I can

Doesn’t this photo just make you giggle just a little? Before you call me the meanest mom ever, I only laugh becuase he is being a total drama king (like here and here). In this picture he is furious because he has that birthday hat on his head. Yes I mean that flimsy paper hat with a tiny elastic strap has made him cry like a banshee. Sweet Tyler is kept trying to take it off for him, but I swatted his hand away while instructing Tyler’s mom to get a picture – quick!

In Action

It has taken me a good long while to figure out how to pull video off my camera. I will not go into the highly boring details – but let me just tell you, I have NOT been pleased. But to get to the point…I finally have a video to show of the infamous Scoot/Slide…this is how it is done folks.

I give love a bad name

Before Christmas, Zach’s godfather Chris invited Alex, Zach and me to join him at his holiday party. Sounds odd you say? Well it is not odd if the holiday party we were invited too is with 3,000 other people and is hosted by this bazillonaire attorney for whom Chris’ firm works. Said bazillionaire throws this part each year where he puts up a carnival including various bounce houses, Ferris wheel, tilt-a-whirls and serves all the carnival fare you could want in addition to catering in BBQ and Mexican food. Plus he always has a famous act preform.

This year was Bon Jovi. For those of you know have only known me post college let me be clear. I LOVE Bon Jovi. I love the long hair-sprayed Bon Jovi, I love the new short hair (that really accentuates his cheek bones) Bon Jovi. I love that the band has been together forever AND he has been married to his high school sweetheart this entire time too. I. LOVE. Bon Jovi. And Chris, knowing my love well, invited us to this party so I could see Bon Jovi.

The bazillionaire’s land was amazing. He has built huge mansions, a medieval village, pens for his ostrich, kangaroo and lemurs and has a 3/4 scale working train chugging around it all. We walked around, saw the animals, ate some BBQ and then it was time to go into the music tent. I got a wee bit too excited. At the door to the tent I turned around to Alex (who had Zach in the stroller) and screeched “It is too loud for Zach!!” then flew through the doors to find a seat -without a glance back to my husband and son. Whoops.

So Zach and Alex had fun riding the train, eating cotton candy and seeing the animal (again), while Chris and I had fun watching Bon Jovi. Fabulous!