Saddle Up

This Friday was Go Texan day here in Houston. What is that, people who live in normal city’s ask? That is the day where every office in Houston lets their employees wear jeans and “western wear”. I don’t know how it has taken me five years to realize this is an annual thing. I guess because it has never really affected me; I just enjoyed wearing jeans. But this year Zach is taking pictures wearing his western wear. Which we do not have, because we live in the 4th largest city in the country, not on a farm (not that I did not own Ropers and red boots in high school, and did not live on a farm, thank you very much). Something else I didn’t pay attention too? The fact that people drive out to the country to ride horses and covered wagons back into town. I’m sorry what? Yes, Houston shuts down streets throughout the city and a major park, for the trail riders.

But for all my talk, we all know that I am joiner to the fullest. I want my son to have little cowboy boots (I had to email my sweet friend Tracy to find those) and I took off work on Friday morning so we could watch the trail ride. Turns out one come right down a street in our neighborhood. Again, who knew? I thought perhaps I was crazy, as I tend to do things he is a wee bit little for, but he really did seem to enjoy it. And it was a short group. The cowboys and cowgirls were super sweet, all waving and saying “Hi little cowboy”. I felt bad I did not have those little boots yet.
Trail Riders

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