Safety No

Since I am a neglectful mom and we have baby proofed (i.e. not decorated) our back room and breakfast room, Zach walks around by himself there while I am unloading the dishwasher, switching out the laundry, etc. I can hear him and chat with him while not really paying attention too much attention to him (again, Mother of the Year award is coming my way). In my absence, he figured out that we never close the door to the garage tightly and just a little shove from him can open it. Previously he just busied himself going up and down the stairs, but yesterday I looked out and saw this –

Yes, those are screwdrivers in his hands. I am obviously going to have to start paying attention – or at least lock the garage door. I suppose that is a good excuse NOT to unload the dishwasher.

2 thoughts on “Safety No

  1. I am glad that he is showing an aptitude for tools already. That is a good sign. Maybe when I come again to keep him I can get him started on how to use them properly. P. Wayne

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