Vroom Vroom!

Do little girls love cars as much as little boys? I am very interested in this, as my little boy looooovvves cars. He loves to sit in grown up cars and turn the wheel, he likes to ride in his little car at home and at the grocery store and turn the wheel, and he likes to sit on his push truck and try to turn the wheel.

His dad makes the best sounds when he pushes him, grunting low sounds like a car makes. Me, I say “Vroom! Vroom!”. Zachary turns and looks at me like I am some sort of fool making the entirely wrong sounds. So he has started making them himself. Even in the grocery store. Well growling like a car in between greeting everyone in our aisle with a “Hi!”.

$50 T-Shirt

This past Friday Zach’s school had a fundraiser, a Ride-a-Thon, to raise money for educational materials and teacher in-services (which they have once a month which means I take a personal day and try to be as good as them). I had to work on Friday so I enlisted my in-laws to pop on down and be there with him. Turns out his dad could attend as well so one tiny boy had 3 grown adults cheering him on.

Cheering as he was first pushed in the buggy with his friends and then pushed in his tricycle by his dad and grandpa. So while Zach participated in the Ride-a-Thon by waving to the crowd, his dad and grandpa did all the work. Sounds like my baby all right. Oh and that bright yellow-clashing-with-his-fair-skin-shirt? Yes, that cost us a $50 donation, but who is counting?

With his friends in the Bye-Bye Buggy they take walks in at school

Stomach Trouble

This week Zach’s daycare, a commonly known breeding ground for all things bad – and excellent education, had a stomach virus run rampant in the infant and toddler room. I knew it was only a matter of time before Zach caught it. Sure enough I got the call Friday afternoon that he had thrown up before lunch. I was actually in the parking lot when they called. When I dropped him off he just did not look right and after I got my work done I decided to go get him. Perfect timing for sure.

When I walked in he was in his high chair all cleaned up but sans shirt. Once his teacher lifted him out she realized his pants were also dirty so took them off – and one of his shoes. Why all this boring detail, you ask? Because that is how I brought him home, we know class is often something I lack. Below is the pic I posted to Facebook and all the comments from friends I received. People really seemed to identify with Zach’s look.

David Moore

David Moore

I have woken up in that exact state after a big night out.
Yesterday at 1:15pm 路
Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher

That’s EXACTLY what I looked like the night I met Sonia! One shoe and everything… SURREAL. 馃槈
Yesterday at 2:15pm 路
Beth Clark Dunn

Beth Clark Dunn

Poor baby and poor mama! I wish I looked that adorable post-barf 馃檪
Yesterday at 2:20pm 路
Cara Bergen Carlson

Cara Bergen Carlson

He looks so pathetic. Sending hugs & squeezes to poor Zach.
Yesterday at 2:56pm 路
Tracey Schonenberg Hull

Tracey Schonenberg Hull

Love the one shoe on…. Hope he is feeling better!
Yesterday at 3:24pm 路
Kelly Kirkpatrick Zoltner

Kelly Kirkpatrick Zoltner

he looks somewhat similar to what i looked like a few times in college the morning after a crazy night out.
Yesterday at 3:41pm 路
Andrew Marcum

Andrew Marcum

Like father, like son…
Yesterday at 4:02pm 路
Sarah Swearingen Przybyla

Sarah Swearingen Przybyla

Alan said that’s how Alex looks after a night of Thunderbird and dancing…and then he asked if you’re sure that’s not David.
Yesterday at 7:44pm 路

My Favorite Thing

That I own this second is this piece of artwork. I saw it first on the Pioneer Woman and knew I had to have one made! It is a pic of Zach in outline overlaid on some handpicked blog posts from his first year. I chose a Year in Time, the poem my mom posted and some of my other favorites. I love how it turned out, Patty Leeper did an awesome job and I love the memories that come to mind each time I look at it.

Each time Zach looks at it? Well, he points and says “baby”. He can be in full wail about having to go to bed and we cross into the living room and he immediatly points and says “baby”. I always reply, “Yes, that is Momma’s baby”.


Something I have noticed about Zach is that when he wants to, he takes great care with things and gives them his complete attention. Sometimes he throws his cup on the ground, other times he places it oh so gently in an upright position on the floor. Same with paper. When I gave him his easter gift, the Kleenex box, he sat down and pulled out each tissue one and a time. Not fast or crazed as I expected but slow and steady, fascinated that another tissue took its place.

On Easter he payed such close attention to his grandma Rowena when she was showing him her necklace I was amazed. He was staring at the necklace and then pointed to where she had been pointing. This could well be something that every other child is doing, but I am pretty sure it means my child is a genius and will be an astronaut or brain surgeon or mechanic. What? They are all good with their hands and take their sweet time.

Why am I surprised

that our child is a talker. He talks all the time….He sings in the car, chats to the dog in the house and points at everything outside. Keep in mind that most of this talking makes no sense to anyone but him, but he is always telling me something.

It makes it very difficult to catch a picture of him with is mouth closed, much less a smile. There is always some sort of noise coming out.

A Gift

Because I love my son more than anyone else has EVER loved theirs…I gifted him a box of Kleenex for Easter. Just a box to do with whatever he wanted. No candy, no treats, no stuffed bunnies. Go ahead, start feeling inadequate other moms.

More, More, More

When Zach learned the word ‘more’ he was thrilled. He prefers to do the sign for it (right fist into left open palm) and say the word at the same time. He also thinks he should have a mouth full of food and both hands full. Please see the evidence in the video below:

(I apologize for my crunching of my own graham cracker)

Hats, Hoods, etc.

Currently Zachary hates to have anything on his head – except for Kleenex that he puts there himself. I made him this darling hooded towel from a crafty website I love, Prudent Baby and he is not a fan. I don’t know why as it fits him perfectly and looks super cute. But as usual I also don’t care, so I keep forcing him to use it. And then trick him with a comb to catch a picture. Mother of the year (again) here I come.