Dining Al Fresco

The past week Zachary has refused to get into his high chair (and by ‘get into’ I mean be put into) so we have ended up eating at the picnic table outside. He LOVES it. The weather has been perfect and the bugs aren’t out yet so I don’t mind it either. He usually stays seated for the majority of his meal, but does get up and carry around a fish stick or his spoon near the end. I try to be tough about it, but frankly by dinnertime I am tired and am just glad he is eating so I cave in. Sometime I am going to have to work on this discipline thing I keep hearing (and have a book on) about.

4 thoughts on “Dining Al Fresco

  1. He looks like such a big boy! I am so with you on the discipline thing. One of these days I will get around to it. They are such good boys we don't need it anyway. 🙂

  2. Sounds like he is doing a number on you for going away and leaving him with us. He ate all meals in his highchair without any problems. You know kids are smart no mater how young. Good luck, PWayne

  3. He is growing up so fast. He looks like a little toddler in these pics. I agree…choose your battles. If it makes you feel any better my almost 4 year old sits down at the table but usually always gets up at some point for a song or dance performance during dinner. Drives me absolutely nuts!

  4. What is it about shorts on babies/little toddlers that is so darn cute? If anyone else's shorts touched their socks/sneakers we'd laugh but that is about the cutest thing EVER on Zach.

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