Something I have noticed about Zach is that when he wants to, he takes great care with things and gives them his complete attention. Sometimes he throws his cup on the ground, other times he places it oh so gently in an upright position on the floor. Same with paper. When I gave him his easter gift, the Kleenex box, he sat down and pulled out each tissue one and a time. Not fast or crazed as I expected but slow and steady, fascinated that another tissue took its place.

On Easter he payed such close attention to his grandma Rowena when she was showing him her necklace I was amazed. He was staring at the necklace and then pointed to where she had been pointing. This could well be something that every other child is doing, but I am pretty sure it means my child is a genius and will be an astronaut or brain surgeon or mechanic. What? They are all good with their hands and take their sweet time.

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