$50 T-Shirt

This past Friday Zach’s school had a fundraiser, a Ride-a-Thon, to raise money for educational materials and teacher in-services (which they have once a month which means I take a personal day and try to be as good as them). I had to work on Friday so I enlisted my in-laws to pop on down and be there with him. Turns out his dad could attend as well so one tiny boy had 3 grown adults cheering him on.

Cheering as he was first pushed in the buggy with his friends and then pushed in his tricycle by his dad and grandpa. So while Zach participated in the Ride-a-Thon by waving to the crowd, his dad and grandpa did all the work. Sounds like my baby all right. Oh and that bright yellow-clashing-with-his-fair-skin-shirt? Yes, that cost us a $50 donation, but who is counting?

With his friends in the Bye-Bye Buggy they take walks in at school

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