Vroom Vroom!

Do little girls love cars as much as little boys? I am very interested in this, as my little boy looooovvves cars. He loves to sit in grown up cars and turn the wheel, he likes to ride in his little car at home and at the grocery store and turn the wheel, and he likes to sit on his push truck and try to turn the wheel.

His dad makes the best sounds when he pushes him, grunting low sounds like a car makes. Me, I say “Vroom! Vroom!”. Zachary turns and looks at me like I am some sort of fool making the entirely wrong sounds. So he has started making them himself. Even in the grocery store. Well growling like a car in between greeting everyone in our aisle with a “Hi!”.

2 thoughts on “Vroom Vroom!

  1. My girls love cars, too. I dread walking into the grocery store because I know they are going to ask for the car cart. I have not perfected driving that thing through the aisles without hitting something.

  2. Alison only loves cars if she has a purse, keys, and cell phone in hand. At the grocery store, she would much rather push the cart. Thank goodness our local Kroger has little carts for kids. Carter on the hand loves cars or anything with wheels. He's absolutely fascintated.

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